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NIKLAND"Let everyone select subject according to his potential…
Let him think over carefully
Whether or not he will be able to cope with it”


The International Business School "NIKLAND" is a business school which seeks to develop competences of the trainees through the process of business education.
The purposes and principles of its creation are based on unique combination of classical English traditions in business education and the latest worldwide concepts of education.

The mission of the International Business School "NIKLAND" is to provide the widest range of services in business education through high-quality training programs for development of competences of trainees and a sustainable development of the society.

The principle of the International Business School "NIKLAND" is that education in general and business education in particular should not be unilateral.

It is not possible to successfully operate in international business environment having only financial and economic knowledge. It is necessary to have logically linked and assembled set of knowledge, which would include:

  • elements of foreign language skills specific for some business environment
  • innovative trainings on personal growth
  • last developments in the sphere of communication technologies
  • knowledge of foreign languages
  • financial, economic, marketing knowledge

The International Business School «NIKLAND» offers education on the three main directions:

  • Management Programs
  • Management of Finance
  • Programs for Banks

The portfolio of training programs includes programs of different levels:

A Program for NGOs

Mini- Programs:

  • Mini- Program «Financial Management»
  • Mini- Program «Business Administration»

Short-term programs:

  • in Management
  • in Finance
  • for Banks

Certification Programs:

  • Management Accounting ()
  • Leasing Specialists Certification
  • Diploma on International Financial Reporting ( DipIFR-rus)
  • Accountants Certification CAP/CIPA

Foreign languages:

  • Business English
  • English for Finance
  • Legal English

The International Business School "NIKLAND" also offers companies mutually beneficial and longterm cooperation on corporate training.

The International Business School "NIKLAND" possesses all resources necessary for comprehensive ensuring studying process. For efficient process of studying there are offered suitable classrooms in the historical center of the city, methodological manuals and studying materials, technical support, consultations of leading lecturers - practicing specialists, the knowledge and skills of which are involved in the education process.

Our advantages:

  • ability to adopt quickly to innovations and continuosly to improve training process;
  • approach in training which is aimed at the full development, support of personal potential of listeners and improvement of competences;
  • support of programs and the social projects promoting a continuous sustainable development;
  • high quality of services at the justified prices;
  • situation in the centre of Kiev city.  

According to the important direction of operation, the IBS "NIKLAND" established cooperation within projects of the social direction, which are urged to improve and develop competences of the personality for a sustainable development of the society. In December 2013 the IBS "NIKLAND" signed The Memorandum on Cooperation and Mutual Understanding with charity fund "Institute of Civil Education and Public Programs". Upon the following Memorandum the IBS Nikland provides an educational platform and cooperates with Institute according to the joint project "Continuous Improvement of Competences for a Sustainable Development".

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